Summit To Self-Care Scholarship Winners

We asked people to tell us about an amazing caregiver they know and how they might benefit from a break to find balance in their own lives. The Arch Foundation’s Executive Director and Board of Officers reviewed applicants and made a selection for two individuals that are giving their everything, every day, and who deserve a moment for self-care. Here are our scholarship winners and their stories!

Caregiver Corner for February - Tiana & Quincy

My daughter Quincy was diagnosed with a rare genetic brain disorder called lissencephaly, on Halloween of 2011, 5 months after she was born. Lissencephaly means “smooth brain” and causes significant developmental disabilities. It is of unknown cause and although it can be hereditary, it was not in Quincy’s case, just a mutation on one of her genes that happened sometime between 9 and 12 weeks gestation.

An Interview with Max and Heather Zoccali: Kids in Caregiver Roles

I sat down with my youngest son, Max, and interviewed him about life with a mom whose has *multiple invisible disabilities and brother who is a paraplegic and lives life in a wheelchair. Max was thrust into a caregiver role basically from the beginning of his life and this role was amplified four years ago, as our lives were forever changed when our eldest son was catastrophically injured in a pedestrian-vehicle incident.