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Kids & Sibs Program Launch at Colorado Youth Outdoors!


The children and siblings of people with diverse abilities are often caregivers too! We want to honor them and provide a break for fun, support, love, and a moment dedicated just for them. We are creating a monthly Kids & Sibs program to provide such support.

Respite care funds are available for caregivers who need help with their loved ones during the outings or activities. Please be sure to fill out our form below for help with this resource.

TAF will launch the Kids & Sibs program at Colorado Youth Outdoors!

TAF will be building community and hope through the outdoors with CYO!

We have the following activities:

9-10 Archery

10-11 Fishing

11-12 lunch

12-1 BB Gun

Please fill out the following form to begin registration for this event.

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