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Kids & Sibs Program at Hearts & Horses!


The children and siblings of people with SCI and TBI are often caregivers too! We want to honor them and provide a break for fun, support, love, and a moment dedicated just for them. We are creating a monthly Kids & Sibs program to provide such support.

Respite care funds are available for caregivers who need help with their loved ones during the outings or activities. Please be sure to fill out our form below for help with this resource.

Leading from Within

Arch Foundation Kids and Sibs at Hearts & Horses

July 18th  9:00 AM –3:00 PM

Retreat Description

Our goal for this innovative one day retreat is to help participants find their voice and build

positive relationships with each other in the experiential learning setting of the ranch. By teaming

up with instructors, an equine specialist, and horses, participants will be faced with fun and

challenging activities both on and off the horse, designed to build upon their relationship skills,

trust and communication.


 Leading with power not force

 Forming healthy bonds

 Who listens to you?

 Expressing who you are through painting your horse

 Building trust in yourself and others


Lunch: Lunch will be provided. Specific dietary needs can call Tamara @ (970) 663-4200 by July


Attire: Long pants, close toed shoes, sunscreen, water bottle. Helmets will be provided.

Directions from Fort Collins:

Drive South to Loveland on Taft Hill Road (turns into Wilson Ave. in Loveland) to Eisenhower

Blvd (US-34). Drive West on Eisenhower Blvd (US-34) for 5.2 miles to N County Road 29 (Carter

Lake Road). Drive South on N County Road 29 (Carter Lake Road) for just over a mile until you

see the blue Hearts & Horses sign. Parking is to the south of the large covered indoor arena (white

fabric structure).

Hearts & Horses Paperwork is to be completed and given to Heather

Zoccali by July 1st


Please fill out form below to participate.

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